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Bewradley writes...Skeptic proven Wrong!
"I never buy apps, but after downloading this and using for a couple of days, I have to say I really think it's worth the purchase. Especially the accountability texts/emails."

She's Somebodys' Daughter writes...Unique App!
"This is a unique app that fits many issues and types of recovery. I have not found another like it. A grata resource for Celebrate Recovery groups. Kudos to the creator!"

Robert Galleger Jr writes..!
"I have not used all of the RecoveryBox App, but what I have used is great!"

Susanna's Music writes...Absolutely love it
"I'm a food addict in recovery, this tool equips me for what I need to make everyday successful. I was looking for something that combines with the 12 Step Program, and everything they use in "Celebrate Recovery". This is it! Always with you on the phone where ever you go. I love the fact that I can txt my accontability partner from it, track my triggers. I'm going to promote it to everyone I know that struggles with hurt and hang-ups. I thank God sent it!."

Partial Monk writes...Phenominal!
"This is a great app for addiction."

Foward Motion 28 writes...Excellent App
"Can customize the items I need to track. Can journal and give yourself reminders to log your items. This has been a great self monitoring tool."

Just Trying in PA writes...Must have for anyone in recovery!
"This app combines so many elements and tools needed for a successful recovery into one easy to use app. From documenting and tracking to notifying a sponsor it's all there. Best of all you receive badges of encouragement to keep you going though out yout journey. I would recommend this app for anyone in recovery or counseling groups as a tool for accountability and tracking. UPDATE:: check out the blog that goes with the app, it's how to use the app in details piece by piece...looks like the app is supposrted even outside the app!!"

Hopeful in PA writes...They thought of everything
"Wow, what an app! I was pleasantly surprised by how many types of addictions this app is ready to help with. I really found it helped me to stop and think before making choices in my life because I knew I would have to own up to those choices at the end of the day. Love the badges; they are a nice encouragement as I move through the process. Thanks for creating such a thoughtful and useful app."

DMDSDD1 writes ... It like having your therapist with you!
"This app combines the modern technology with time -tested effective recovery tools. It covers everything that makes sobriety an reachable goal. It is a must have for those recovering from addictions and traveling on the journey of healing."

Annadeeds writes ... Recovery app
"Great recovery app! Very easy to use and helps to keep your recovery on track. Thanks!"

U4rMe writes ... Great Self Help
"Great self help tool for those who have been thru a recovery program and want consistency in ther life and want to keep track of behaviors"

AppDigity writes ... Well Worth the $1.99
"FEATURES There are tons of features built into this app with the main benefit centering around a light system based on user input. green means you are doing well, yellow means caution and red means danger.

You are able to enter any number of triggers that monitor your anxiety, depression, needs etc at any given moment in time and then the app enters them into a database for analysis to generate your "lights". There is even a badge system that gives you rewards as you meet certain goals.

THE GOOD This app is extremely thorough and seems to cover every aspect of dealing with addiction issues. There's even an accountability section that you can set up and it will automatically email or text your accountability partner if your habits fall into a danger zone. There's also a 12 step program built right into the app to give further guidance and instructions.

THE BAD This app is very well made and the only down side is the obvious requirement that the person enter data honestly in order to get good results out of it. I'm not sure that an alcoholic going on a drunken binge is going to take time to fill out his recoveryBox lights, but the fact that it might be on his mind is, by itself a possible help.

FINAL VERDICT RecoveryBox is a great app that can benefit a lot of people. Well worth the $1.99 price tag "

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